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Experience a book on a new, deeper level with original music written specifically for the storyline
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In his interview with McKinsey & Company, Brian Solis,'s global innovation evangelist, shared how the most successful retailers will be the ones who can intertwine tech, VR, AR — whatever it may be — with the consumer experience and tie that to a store in an unconventional way.

And as a musician I couldn't help but point out that it's inevitable that music would play a substantial role in designing that experience. Music is experience.

I started brainstorming how music can impact one in a retail store, which brought me back to when I began writing soundtracks for books (after that I found out this is called audio drama, wrote an article about it, and built a data science project around finding how much sound books have… but that's an anecdote for another time). Ever since then the concept of combining music composition with books hasn't left my head. What if I turn that into an event where people would be able to experience a book on a new, deeper level?
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JUNE 16, 2021

Calling myself a music experience designer, I created an event where Marion Poschmann’s novel, “The Pine Islands,” was accompanied by my compositions to support the storyline, allowing the audience to experience the book on a new level.

“SoundBook Series: Episode One” was organized in partnership with Starbucks and publishing house “MIF,” and supported by Bilimkana Almaty School and Kazakhstan International School.

It was a journey filled with mini challenges — the conductor cancelling last minute because he forgot about the event, musicians dropping out, the synthesizer adapter breaking hours before the SoundBook Series, to name a few. At the same time, there were a lot of people who went above and beyond to help me bring this concept to life.

This event wouldn’t have ever been possible without:
narrator Abay Tabynay (Абай Табынай)
cellist Nursultan Alimbekov (Нұрсұлтан Алимбеков)
violinist Kuralai Tursynbaeva (Куралай Турсынбаева)
violist Diana Mukhamediyarova (Диана Мухамедиярова)
Vladimir Krestnikov, Starbucks (Владимир Крестников)
Anna, Starbucks (Анна)
Daniyar Uteulin, publishing house “MIF” (Данияр Утеулин)
Natalya Petrovna, head of Bilimkana Almaty School (Наталья Петровна)
Elena Maksimova, director at Kazakhstan International School (Елена Максимова)

I am planning to continue doing SoundBook Series every month — new books, new compositions, new locations :)
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